Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

Dr Cavalli was excellent. His visit and examination were thorough, and he took my complaint seriously. He also provided several useful suggestions for follow-up in order to prevent further escalation. I was very happy to have access to such an attentive physician, especially one that makes hotel calls.


This service is wonderful as they come right to your room. I was feeling so sick that day and the medical concierge came quite quickly and spent at least 45 minutes with me. The service was professional, friendly and knowledgeable. He even offered some recommendations about my low iron (which did not have to do with the visit). Hopefully this is not a service you would need on vacation but if it is I would defiantly recommend The Medical Concierge.



Just as we were checking into our hotel it became apparent that my daughter and I needed medical attention. The hotel staff recommended The Medical Concierge and we were relieved that a house call service was provided. Within a short time Dr. Schurr came to our hotel room and after a thorough diagnosis he prescribed the medications needed so that we could all enjoy the rest of our vacation. We found Dr. Schurr to be patient, kind and conscientious. My daughter summarized his visit by saying, “I wish he was my doctor back home!”
-John P

I would like to thank you so much. My Step Daughter had a tooth problem and I called you . Within 30 minutes you called back and had an appointment with a dentist by the Florida Mall. 
She arrived and he had come in specially to see her, he looked at it prescribed antibiotics and pain killers. She decided after a few days to have the root canal he suggested. Not only was the Dentist Amazing but also your service by arranging an appointment so quickly. We will continue to offer your services with complete confidence.
-Michael E, J and M Management Services. Inc.

Dr. Morales was amazing. My daughter is five and she was NOT afraid at all. She explained everything to her.

Dr. Elizabeth Rosen, I want to thank you very much for coming to the resort room at Port Orleans. Within 24 hours I was feeling so much better. Also thank you for the follow up call the next day. The office staff was very helpful and accommodating. We were very impressed with your care.
-Wayne & Janet 

The ECMN rep, scheduler, and the doctor were wonderful. The quality of service was top notch!


I was extremely pleased with Dr. Lin. Very thorough and understanding.


Hello Dr. Morales, Just to let you know that Daniel Jr. is doing well. He was really good following your instructions on the flight home and the crew was excellent with him.
 A huge thank you to yourself and all the other staff at EastCoast Medical. You all helped to make a bad situation bearable. The support you all gave us was tremendous. I have been telling everyone what a fantastic service you all provide. Thank you so much.

We’re in the Palms and we wanted to thank you and let you know that Peter really was of great assistance last night to us, getting us a doctor. Our grandson had a terrible earache and he’s doing great today. Totally different child. But I also wanted to let you know that EastCoast Medical, I was so impressed with them and the Dr. Beloso that came. The woman on the phone, Robbie, she was just so attentive and she really calmed me down and Dr. Beloso was here in less than 2 hours and did everything that he had to for our grandson and gave us medicine and he’s doing great today. So I just wanted to let you know that both Peter and EastCoast Medical, they really were great. So thank you.


Dr. Schultz provided us with excellent care. The staff and nurses were very kind and knowledgeable.


Dr. Rosen, Wanted to thank you again for your visit while I was staying at the Rosen Shingle Creek. I’m feeling much better thanks to you. It was such a pleasure being visited in my hotel room and not having to find a clinic, wait 2-3 hours, and amongst a sea of ill people. If you ever find yourself close by Lakeland, I’d love to buy you a cup of coffee and pastries.


Dr. Morales, We just wanted to drop a thank you note to you as we so appreciated your service. To have such a wonderful experience is so special – especially far from home! Thanks sincerely!

The L Family

From 19-08-08 we were on holiday staying in at the Econolodge Suites on International Drive, Florida. Whilst on holiday on the 20-08-08 my grandson Daniel had the misfortune of slipping over in the car park and injuring his left knee, as any 16 year-old would say I’m ok Granddad.


After the afternoon visit to Sea World it became apparent that all was NOT ok, so at 10pm I was in a panic as in what to do. I contacted our Rep at Thomas Cook and was advised to contact EastCoast Medical, this I did and just before midnight Dr. Schultz arrived and treated Daniel with tablets and prescribed crutches and knee support. He was very caring, understanding, polite, helpful, reassuring and also helped me get in touch with our holiday insurance company in England. He wanted to have Daniel rechecked one week later.


The next day I was given a day and time for the following week for the Doctor to see Daniel for his check up. I took the prescriptions to a chemist for his crutches and knee supports.


One week later a Doctor came, I think her name was Maralyn but I’m not sure, she gave Daniel a good going over and decided that he would be able to fly home but with certain conditions. She gave us permission to fly form and left. She treated us with the caring, understanding, polite, helpful, reassuring way as the first doctor.

The treatment we received for Daniel and ourselves as Nan and Grandad with another 10 year grandson in toe was tremendous. I would like you on our behalf, now we have safely returned to England, to thank your team and doctors for all your help. Daniel is making very good progress and is expected to fully recover very soon.

Hi! You maybe don’t remember me, but I’ll never forget you. Many thanks to all of you: Dr. Rosen, Dr. Beloso, and Dr. Morales.


John was excellent on the phone, calming, and professional. Dr. Rosen was excellent as well!!!


Dr. Sigman provided wonderful care to my son while we were on vacation in Disney!

Denise M.